Ballerina Bum Transform Bootcamp!



I have been a MaZi Dance Fitness member since May of 2013 when two co-workers, Dwetri and Soukprida, and I decided to buy a Gilt for a month of unlimited dance. We enjoyed our classes so much that we are all still members.

I LOVE MaZi and am so glad I found such an amazing way to work out and have fun.  I am also super grateful to have won the opportunity to participate in MaZi’s Ballerina Bum Transform Bootcamp, which will be the focus of this blog for at least the next four or five weeks. I will be undergoing a fitness, health, and beauty transformation with the help of Marisol and Ziba at MaZi (sisters and founders of the centre), Dr. Mike Pontarelli at Windy City Wellness, and Adrian Harrison at Enfuse Medical Spa.

I’ll be sharing with you my goals and progress along the way as well as some of the tips I learn so that you can hopefully benefit from this as well. I’ll try to include pictures as much as possible and maybe even some YouTube videos. I’m excited to begin this journey and invite you to follow along! You can also follow me on Twitter @slauCHI and Instagram @shibby_chi or follow this hashtag: #ballerinabumtb.

For those of you who don’t me, a quick bio: my name is Siobhan Lau, and I grew up outside of Chicago in the suburb of Park Ridge. I went to undergrad at DePauw University (not a typo) in Greencastle, Indiana and was a violin performance and Spanish major. I miss DePauw all the time. After DePauw, I went on to graduate school at the University of Cincinnati where I got an MA in Arts Administration and an MBA. I promptly made my return to Chicago and started working on the administrative staff of Teach For America. I spent about two years doing fundraising, and now I work in Human Resources. I’m a true Midwesterner and a self-proclaimed nerd.