And the results are in…


Thanks for following along these past four–almost five weeks now! I checked in with Ziba on Monday, and I’m excited to announce that during the four weeks of Transform Bootcamp, I lost five pounds and, more importantly, just over 9 inches total–waist, hips, bust, thighs, and arms. My hips and thighs saw the most inches lost–probably in large part because of the Ballerina Bum series. Wahoo! (P.S. My teammates know this about me, but I love GIFs and I can’t believe that’s the first time I linked to one on this.) It is reassuring to know there have been measurable results; I had an inkling there would be because I could see more definition in my arms (in the mirrors at MaZi) and feel more definition in my legs. 

My reflections on how this happened? Well, I stuck to the action plan that Ziba and MaZi laid out for me: with a combination of classes and at-home workouts (mostly classes), I did at least five strength and five cardio workouts per week. You’ll remember that some classes like Ballerina Fight Club count as both. Given the combinations of classes I did, I usually ended up exceeding the weekly target. At the beginning of each week, I set my schedule–took a look at my other commitments and signed up for all my classes/put calendar reminders in Outlook so that I’d hold myself accountable to showing up. It’s really helpful to take a look in advance so you can fit that many workouts in. I did at-home workouts when I was travelling or when I couldn’t make it to a class–again, these aren’t a substitute for the actual classes and amazing MaZi instructors but they give me a good workout when I’m unable to get into the studio. To save myself some time, I actually put recurring calendar invites into Outlook for all the South Loop classes (I ❤ the South Loop studio) so I could easily remember the schedule and simply delete classes I’m not planning to take. My calendar for the next few months looks a little crazy so the picture is a screenshot for a week in June.


I also really tried to push it in classes. Instructors were there to help and give me corrections as always, and I tried to up my game by holding on to that kettlebell for a little longer or finishing out full sets without a break or lifting my leg just a little higher. The classes are only 45 minutes or an hour and though it’s a big step just to show up, it takes a full commitment once you’re on the dance floor, too. What’s great about MaZi classes is the variety of what they offer. There are so many different types of classes and then they change the classes themselves every couple week so you can’t get bored; the music itself just keeps things interesting! If you live in Chicago, you should definitely check out MaZi; if you live somewhere else, see if there’s a local dance fitness studio. With dance fitness, you get a total body workout. I’m sure I’m strengthening muscles that have been dormant for most of my life. A solid mix of cardio and strength training has done wonders for me, and I feel stronger than ever. If dance fitness isn’t an option for you, then try to figure out what variety means for you, whether it’s cross training by switching between running, elliptical-ing, or biking or adding kickboxing classes to your normal yoga routine–I think it’ll go a long way in keeping you on track toward hitting your goals if your interest levels remain high!

I am committed to maintaining the five cardio and five strength class routine because it’s clearly working for me. I have some travel coming up, which always makes it a little more difficult to fit in a workout, but as long as there’s time in my schedule, then I won’t let any mindsets get in the way of squeezing a workout in there–even if it’s in my hotel room. The transformation isn’t quite over yet–I still haven’t hit my longer-term goals; I’ll get there before it’s swimsuit season though (if this cold weather ever goes away)! Thanks for following along and I do plan to keep blogging (although likely less frequently) to share updates and new recipes. 


One thought on “And the results are in…

  1. Mary Theresa Lau

    Great job Siobhan . Dedication, healthy eating, fun exercise & hard work r the name of the game. Love you💗💗💗

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