Week 1 Progress


Happy Wednesday! Time for an update on my progress thus far.

BEAUTY: No real updates here. My underarm hair is still growing but definitely not as quickly; it’s also more sparse. My next appointment is on February 20th so I likely won’t have any other updates on how my underarms are doing. I’ll spare you any pictures as well. 🙂

HEALTH: I’ve successfully completed six days of my no grain diet. It’s been pretty easy in some ways and somewhat challenging in others. Once I went to the grocery store, it was pretty easy to load up on things I could eat–a lot of meat, veggies, fruit, and nuts. I work from home most days of the week, so now that I have things to snack on in between meals, I stay pretty satiated throughout the day. I’ve also come to realize how many grains–bread, rice, etc.–I was eating and how they really are unnecessary sometimes. Instead of having a turkey sandwich the other day, I just heated up some turkey meat with a little pepper jack on top, put a bit of BBQ sauce on it, and paired it with a small salad. Normally, I would’ve just made the former into a sandwich and not made / eaten the latter altogether.

One challenge I was presented with this past weekend was trying to dine out. I went to an Asian fusion restaurant, Sunda, for my friend Lauren’s birthday, and though I really wanted sushi, I obviously couldn’t have it. (Though I did come to find out their avocado role has no rice! Good to know.) In Milwaukee, my friends Beth and Kristen were super accommodating and helpful in trying to pick restaurants where I wouldn’t just have one option but multiple. We ended up at a Mexican restaurant for dinner, and so I just got steak fajitas and didn’t use the tortillas. Easy fix, and I didn’t really need them. (P.S. You may be thinking: “Why not corn tortillas?” Well, apparently corn is a grain and is off-limits. Who knew?) I’ve also had more cravings for sweets. I’m still trying to figure out what sweets I can have besides chocolate. I’ve had an unreasonable amount of thoughts about donuts, particularly Do-Rite Donuts. Drool. I’m going to do some research and perhaps some baking experiments with almond flour (?) and will report back.

Overall, there haven’t been any negative side effects, but one positive side effect I’ve noticed is that I feel less bloated after meals. Certainly a positive, and I’ll continue to monitor how I feel / how my body is responding to this all.

I met again with Dr. Mike this week and got acupuncture for the first time ever. I had probably about nine needles in me throughout my body–feet, calves, hands, fingers, and one in my forehead. Needles do kind of skeeve me out, so while I was all for it because I’m committed to trying all things during this journey, I couldn’t relax for the first part of the acupuncture because I was thinking about the needles. Dr. Mike asked me to relax and focus on breathing in and out and think about breathing into the areas of my body where I felt tension; this helped immensely and I was able to “let it all go” and really enjoyed the experience. I didn’t make a point of identifying how I felt before / after the acupuncture, so I’ll be sure to do that next time. I will say that I felt relaxed throughout the rest of the day and didn’t feel much tension… that is until I went to MaZi later (tension in a good way here!).

FITNESS: As a reminder, I’m trying to fit in five cardio classes and five strength classes at MaZi, which is definitely doable. I set my schedule at the beginning of the week and have stuck to it. It’s been helpful to see the reminders on my calendars and to be proactive about planning classes around my other commitments. For MaZi members who may be interested, I’m able to fit in all the classes because Ballerina Fight Club and Cardio Barre count as both, and I’ve been trying to double up classes when I can. My two favorites classes to double up are 1) Ballerina Bum Bootcamp + either Zi-Cardio or Hip Hop and 2) Ballerina Bum Ball and Ballerina Fight Club. Definitely doable! Ballerina Bum Interval + BBB is also doable. Last week I tried Ballerina Fight Club followed by Dance Cardio and that was a stretch. I could have put more into Dance Cardio had I not just done BFC so I wouldn’t recommend that combo unless you are feeling truly amped. Classes, as usual, have been awesome, and I’ve been trying to really think about my form. I don’t always bring my “belly button to my spine” and it has given me some lower back pain after some classes so I’m trying to be more conscious and intentional about that.

On Sunday, I did my MaZi at home workout. Feel free to check it out here. It’s a mix of cardio and strength and when you add in stretching on both ends and the repetitions for the strength videos, it’ll be about 35 minutes. Like I said, it’s certainly not a substitute–I like when the teachers are there to encourage / correct  / help me; however, it’s a great back up and will be especially helpful during my upcoming work trip to Birmingham. I’ll be unable to go to MaZi classes for four days, and so this playlist and potentially some others I’ll create will be must haves for the trip. I travel about eight-ten times a year, and in the recent months have not prioritized exercising during my trips. Insert excuses here. That’s going to change, and I have some accountability buddies on my team who have already offered to do the workouts with me. Karen, Kristin, and Heather, I’m looking at you!

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading!


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