At the starting gate


I’m so appreciative of all the love and support I’ve gotten so far. It’s just the start and knowing I have people cheering me on is super helpful. So thanks!

My journey officially starts today, and I’m writing this as I head to Milwaukee to visit my great DePauw friend, sorority sister, and former roommate Beth. I met with MaZi, Windy City Wellness, and Enfuse this past week to make a plan.

BEAUTY: I’ll start with Enfuse. I decided to go with laser hair removal for my underarms. Get ready for a little TMI, folks. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while because every time I shave my underarms, it doesn’t even look like I did, which is especially annoying in the summer months (after this past week, summer seems a looong way away). Patti, at Enfuse, is wonderful. She was really energetic and explained everything to me before we got started. I’ll admit it: I was a bit nervous but she comforted me and answered all my questions. She did a “test shot” so I could see how it felt–a little cold blast at first and then heat and a slight burn. She did the entire area under both arms. I am kind of a wimp so I’ll say the pain was a 7 out of 10 BUT it only lasts for about 30 seconds and that’s it. I’ll go back every six weeks for about 5 more sessions. My hair is already growing more slowly, and I’m happy to be working with Patti and the folks at Enfuse.

HEALTH: Next up is Windy City Wellness. I’ll start by saying that Dr. Mike (Dr. Michael Pontarelli) is awesome. In advance of our first appointment, I filled out a bunch of paper work–health questionnaires, family health history, etc. After reviewing my responses and my recent blood work, Dr. Mike asked a bunch of follow up questions and did an assessment of my alignment, muscles, organs, etc. He did a bit of chiropractic work and acupressure on me. Given my health history–current and past–and my desire to lose weight, I will be doing a no grain diet for the next 4 weeks at least to start. No grains means no pasta, bread, chips, crackers, BEER, and other things I tend to eat a lot of. It means eating more meat, veggies, and nuts. I am committed to this journey so I’m committed to trying this. After the 4 weeks, we’ll see how it goes and Dr. Mike said I can slowly reintroduce occasional grains if that’s something I want to do. Separately, I’m going to cut my intake of dairy–in particular cheese. I eat so much cheese because it’s so delicious but I definitely eat more than is appropriate. I have another appointment with Dr. Mike next week and I’m really excited to keep learning from him. His approach is very holistic, which I love, and I’ll keep sharing his wisdom with you all.

FITNESS: I had my first check-in with Ziba, one of the co-founders of MaZi. Ziba and her sister/the other co-founder, Marisol, are real, strong women (this is a motto of sorts from my sorority Alpha Chi Omega but it totally applies to them). Ziba is currently pregnant with a baby boy and is due at the end of February. You guys, she’s still teaching classes, and she looks fantastic!

Ziba asked questions about my fitness goals, guided me through some of the ways to get at those trouble areas, and suggested a training schedule for me for the next 4 weeks (again at least). I am committed to going to 5 strength and 5 cardio MaZi classes each week. I’m currently working out a schedule that would fit all of that in with my other commitments; at first glance it’s definitely doable. Classes like Ballerina Fight Club and Cardio Barre count as both strength and cardio, and I’m a fan of doing back-to-back classes or “doubling up” so I’ll continue to do that. I doubled up three days in a row this past week and I’ll say “woof” but also it felt great.

My long term goal is to lose about 15 pounds and in these four weeks I think 5-7 pounds is feasible. Ziba made a great recommendation to also think in terms of inches lost so I’m hoping to lose inches in my waist, hips, and arms. My target areas are those areas plus my thighs. I’m generally going for tighter!

Because I’ll be out of town this weekend and will miss MaZi classes, I will do an at-home makeshift MaZi class on Sunday using videos from MaZi’s YouTube channel. I tried it out yesterday and used cans of beans as my weights (I probably need to buy some actual weights) and Google’s handy timer for my Tabata series. In a future post, I’ll share my playlists but I’ll say for now that if an in-person MaZi experience isn’t possible, this does the trick.

Thanks for reading this super long post. I promise future ones won’t be quite as long. Just had to lay the foundation here so my commitments are out there. Onward!


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